Mother & Daughter Photo Perfect Moments

Simply put...we have combined our talents and passions together to share with others.

Jennifer & Cyndi share a love for photography and a talent for capturing those unique and special moments. We want to be there to capture those moments you never want to forget, that are unique to your family and friends and you.

We look forward to focusing on your special event and providing you with photo memories that will last a lifetime.

Jennifer Gallegos
I have always had a love for art and photography. I have been a photojournalist for 7+ years; I began my serious photography pursuit in high school taking classes and applying my knowledge working with the school newspaper and year book teams. I continued my coursework in college where I received a scholarship for photo journalism. I earned awards for outstanding achievement through the college press. Since college I have been married and have children which affords me plenty of opportunities to practice and improve my skills.

Cyndi Fronapfel
I have had a lifetime of amazing experiences and for as long as I can remember photography has provided me an excellent avenue to capture my adventures. I began my photography journey in high school and continued pursuing my passion on my own through books, classes and lots of practice. I especially love to capture those unexpected unplanned pictures that show lots of emotion. Best of all I get to share something I absolutely love with others while working with my daughter.